Committee on BIM

Chairperson - Ms. Ada FUNG Yin-suen

  • Ir Prof. CHUNG Kwok-fai
  • Mr. Ivan FU Chin-shing
  • Sr Dr. Stephen LAI Yuk-fai
  • Ir Kenneth MO Kon-fei
  • Ir YU Sai-yen
  • Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) or representative


Terms of Reference

  1. To formulate strategies for market transformation, promote the use and facilitate the application of BIM, digital construction, and its related technologies in construction industry (hereinafter known as “BIM”);
  2. To promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and adoption of “BIM” in project delivery processes including planning and design, construction, facility and asset management;
  3. To develop CIC as a Centre of Excellence for “BIM” in the form of a central hub and of the open sharing platform of “BIM” with specific focus on the following:
  1. To develop standards, specifications and common practices for BIM;
  2. To develop and promote good practices in both BIM management and BIM operation;
  3. To build capacity, develop and operate BIM Development Ladder, BIM Training Ladder, BIM Professional Registration and Accreditation; and their relating training programs and implementation programs;

 4.  To identify areas which require further investigation, promote research & development for “BIM”.

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