CIC-Zero Carbon Park – Integration of BIM-AM with IoT

Being the largest MEP government maintenance agency in Hong Kong, EMSD currently operates and maintains more than 8,000 government buildings. In 2016, to streamline the fault localization process for Building Operation & Maintenance (O&M), EMSD and CIC developed a tailormade BIM-AM System in which a novel architecture for managing decentralized building facilities information was proposed, by exploiting the information interoperability and reusability among Building Information Modelling, System Topology, Radio Frequency Identification technology, and real-time data acquisition system interfaces including Building Management System, IoT wireless sensors and Closed Circuit Television system. Crossplatform mobile and desktop systems have been developed based on the proposed architecture. The benefits to O&M was proven with around 15% time-saving compared with the traditional workflow.


(Directed from Autodesk Hong Kong BIM Awards 2019: