1st Public Consultation Session – Proposed Certification of BIM Coordinators and Accreditation of BIM Coordinator Courses

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8 Oct 2019 (Tue)     






CIC BIM SPACE, 29/F, Tower 2, Enterprise Square Five (MegaBox), 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong






7 Oct 2019

In 2017, the HKSAR Government decreed that BIM technology must be used in the design and construction of all major government capital works projects with a project estimate of more than HK$30 million that were scheduled to start during or after 2018, and that the use of this technology in private construction projects should also be promoted. This has generated a surge in demand for BIM personnel and training needs.


To ensure that construction professionals have appropriate skill levels and competency in using BIM technology, and that the scope and quality of BIM courses provided in the market meet the requirements, it was important to establish a certification body for BIM personnel and an accreditation body for BIM courses in Hong Kong.


To facilitate the healthy development of BIM in Hong Kong, CIC has introduced the Building Information Modelling Personnel Certification and Training Course Accreditation Schemes (the "Schemes") to ascertain the competency of BIM personnel and the quality of local BIM training courses. This consultation session is to solicit views from the industry. 


We cordially invite you to discuss and collect your views on the certification for BIM Coordinators and accreditation for BIM Coordinator courses for BIM practitioners in the consultation session.


Enquires: Should you have any queries, please contact Ms. Chong (email: bimcas@cic.hk; tel: 3199 7183) and Mr. Chan (email: bimcas@cic.hk; tel: 2100 9069).

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