Certification of BIM Manager





Limited Time Offer

- Application fee: HK$2,000 HK$500 (CIC subsidised 75%)

- Renewal fee: HK$1,000 HK$300 (CIC subsidised 70%)

The offer is valid until 31 December 2020.




  • The Certification of BIM Managers is targeted at BIM parctitioners who wish to be certified by CIC as BIM managers.
  •  Applicants who already have relevant practical experience in BIM, meet the relevant academic and/or professional qualification requirements, and have completed a CIC-accredited BIM Manager Course.

*There is a “Grandfathering Policy” and a “Grace Period” for the scheme.


Grandfathering Policy

A ‘grandfathering’ consideration is offered to applicants who have at least 3 years of practical experience in BIM (including at least 2 years in Hong Kong) on or before 31 December 2018. Valid till  31 December 2019.


Grace Period

A grace period of one year is allowed before new applicants are required to submit a completion certificate of a CIC-accredited BIM Manager Course in support of their applications. Valid till 31 December 2019.



  • To provide the market with quality BIM Manager in the surge of demand on BIM practitioners.
  • To provide recognition of BIM knowledge and skill set of BIM practitioners.
  • To demonstrate the commitment and professionalism of BIM practitioners and uphold industry standards.


Application Procedure

An applicant applying for Certification of BIM Manager must submit the following documents :

  • completed Application Form for Certification of BIM Managers (Form PN01-F-01);
  • application fee of HK$500 (a cheque made payable to "Construction Industry Council");
  • relevant documents listed in the document checklist in the application form.


All necessary supporting documents must be submitted by mail to the BIM Department - Construction Industry Council (CIC), 38/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, or by email to bimcas@cic.hk.




Last Update: 2019-05-23