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31 Mar 2020 - Launch of Certification of BIM Coordinators and Accreditation of BIM Coordinator Courses by the CIC


The objectives of the Certification of BIM Coordinators are to:

  • Set standards and ensure relevant construction professionals and other personnel will have the appropriate skill levels and competency in using BIM technology to meet the industry's needs;
  • Align the skill levels and competency of BIM personnel with the industry's needs, CIC BIM Standards and Development Bureau’s requirements for BIM personnel; and
  • Uphold the quality of BIM personnel in meeting the industry's needs.


It is targeted at BIM practitioners who already have relevant practical experience in BIM projects, meet the relevant academic requirement and have completed a CIC-Accredited BIM Coordinator Course


The objectives of the Accreditation of BIM Coordinator Courses are to:

  • Ensure the scope and quality of the BIM training courses offered meet the industry's needs;
  • Uphold the accreditation quality of BIM training courses in meeting the industry's needs; and
  • Facilitate practitioners to obtain certification by the CIC.


It is targeted at course providers who are offering or are going to offer BIM Coordinator Courses.


The Certification of BIM Coordinators and Accreditation of BIM Coordinator Courses are now open for application.


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During the period of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak, our case officers keep receiving applications, checking the documents submitted are in order and sufficient for assessment, and may request you via email to provide further details to substantiate your application, if needed. Also, we are trying to arrange more assessment panels in the following months. Please be patient for the longer application processing time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A "Roadmap for Building Information Modelling (BIM) Strategic Implementation in Hong Kong's Construction Industry" was prepared by the Working Group on Roadmap for BIM Implementation under the then Committee on Environment and Technology of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) in 2014. One of the key initiatives in the Roadmap was to expedite the building up of BIM capacity and capability.

In 2017, the HKSAR Government decreed that BIM technology must be used in the design and construction of all major government capital works projects with a project estimate of more than HK$30 million that were scheduled to start during or after 2018, and that the use of this technology in private construction projects should also be promoted. This has generated a surge in demand for BIM personnel and training needs.

To ensure that construction professionals have appropriate skill levels and competency in using BIM technology, and that the scope and quality of BIM courses provided in the market meet the requirements, it was important to establish a certification body for BIM personnel and an accreditation body for BIM training courses in Hong Kong.


To facilitate the healthy development of BIM in Hong Kong, CIC has introduced the BIM Certification and Accreditation Schemes to ascertain the competency of BIM personnel and the quality of local BIM training courses.

Certification of BIM Managers


"Grandfathering Policy" and "Grace Period" for Certification of BIM Managers were ended on 31 December 2019. 


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