CIC BIM Solution Day on CDE(只提供英文版本)





12:30 – 17:00 



九龙湾宏照道38号企业广场5期2座29楼 (MegaBox) 建造业议会办事处 建筑信息模拟空间





The CIC "BIM Solution Day" aims at promoting the latest BIM related solutions to stakeholders.  Every time, we have different theme to introduce stakeholders about the latest solutions of a particular area. During the event, participants would be able to experience:

  • Product introduction seminars and successful user experience sharing;
  • Product hands-on workshops; and
  • Exhibition booth


The theme of our CIC BIM Solution Day this time would be about the Common Data Environment (CDE). We are glad to have Bentley and Trimble's participations with the following event details:




12:30 - 1:00 pm


1:00 - 1:10 pm

Presentation of Souvenir and Photo Taking

1:10 - 1:30 pm

Introduction of CIC's Initiatives 

BIM Solution Day Parallel Session

1:30 - 3:00 pm

A1. Product Seminar (Bentley)


Product to be introduced: Bentley ProjectWise; Bentley Navigator, iModel


Description: ProjectWise establishes a Common Data Environment for all BIM Project Information. Increase collaboration speed and quality with frictionless information exchange and paperless workflows  across design, procurement, and construction lifecycle. It also extends Digital Collaboration Across Your Supply Chain. Save time, eliminate risk, and improve project performance by automating supply chain workflows and managing information exchanges within your digital project environment.


Capacity: 50


Language: Cantonese


B1. BIM Hands-on Workshop (Trimble)


Description: The participants could experience the use of Trimble Connect for Structures as a CDE for the above through 3 platforms. Desktop, Web and Mobile. If possible, through the Mixed Reality Hololens.


Capacity: 28


Language: English

3:00 - 3:25pm

Coffee break

3:25 - 4:55 pm

A2. BIM Hands-on Workshop (Bentley)


Description: Hands-on to working in CONNECTED Data Environment with comprehensive work sharing. Attendee can experience and navigate the collaborated multi-discipline model through i-model hub.


Capacity: 28


Language: Cantonese


B2. Product Seminar (Trimble) - Digital Transformation with Trimble Constructible Process


Product to be introduced: Trimble Connect for Structures, Tekla Model Sharing


Description: In this session, Trimble's BIM Project Collaboration solution "Trimble Connect for Structures" and its application as a CDE in the context of the Integrated Digital Delivery Project life cycle of 1. Design Development 2.Fabrication & Supply Chain 3.Construction will be introduced and shared. Other software that may be involved in showing the open-BIM collaboration will be Tekla Structures, Sketch up and IFC formats of other BIM software. For Model collaboration, the cloud based Tekla Model sharing will be introduced.


Capacity: 50


Language: English


4:55 - 5:00 pm

Closing Remarks


Seats are limited, registration is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.


For registration, please feel free to contact Mr. Chris WONG at 2100 9421 or via email Confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration.


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