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CIC has long been supporting the industry in promoting the implementation of BIM technologies. To build capacity and cope with the growing demand on the use of BIM technologies in the industry, a new "CIC BIM Space" is established to organise more BIM related events and to provide diversified supports, including:


  • Showcasing of BIM technologies and applications
  • Collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders to promote adoption of BIM via seminars and workshops, etc.
  • Provision of a knowledge hub and advisory service


If your organisation would like to organise a group guided tour or an advisory workshop, please email us for arrangement. If you would like to join BIM Space events, please see the schedule below.


Event Schedule






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Tel: (852) 2100 9000


Address: 29/F, Tower 2, Enterprise Square Five (MegaBox), 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong  

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