Teaching and Learning Kit for BIM Viewer Training


In 2020, the CIC and DEVB had conducted a holistic review and planning of BIM training for the construction industry in Hong Kong. It was estimated that BIM personnel with BIM viewing skill (called "BIM Viewers" hereafter) is in high demand.


To cope with the surged demand of BIM Viewers, the CIC developed a "Teaching and Learning Kit" (the "Kit") for BIM Viewer training. BIM Viewer is a role of those who needs to view and understand the BIM model. For example, Senior Management of an organisation, Project Manager, site supervisor, regulator, can take up this BIM Viewer role and needs to possess this basic knowledge and skill using PC, tablet, or mobile device effectively in a manner similar to reading 2D drawings on site.


Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the BIM Viewer training through instructor-led teaching course or self-learning, practitioners should be able to:

  • Understand what is BIM
  • Understand CIC's Resources for Practitioners
  • Understand there are different Common BIM Viewer Software (Free/charged)
  • Understand basic BIM workflow and standardisation of data
  • Open a BIM model
  • Navigate, select items and find information within a BIM model
  • Cut section within a BIM model
  • Measure dimensions within a BIM model
  • Mark comments within a BIM model

How to use the Teaching and Learning Kit

As an illustration and hands-on exercise of BIM viewer, three free BIM viewer software (Trimble Connect, Navisworks Freedom, ArcGIS Online and Autodesk Viewer) are included in the Kit as two separate packages, practitioners can select either software or other BIM viewer software for their training.  After being familiarised with anyone BIM viewer software, practitioners should be able to use other BIM viewer software as their core functions are similar. 


The Kit includes the following documents/content:

(a)       A set of PowerPoint files that could be used as instructor-led teaching or self-learning materials for BIM viewer training. In the April 2022 edition of this kit, the set of PowerPoint files include the following modules:

  • Module 1: introduction of BIM
  • Module 2: Hands-on BIM Viewer software training 
  • Module 3: Workflow and Project Information Standard

Please note that “Module 3: Workflow and Project Information Standard” is for extended learning and will not be tested in the online quiz.

(b)        A sample BIM model of the CIC Zero Carbon Building (.nwd or .ifc) for hands-on exercise.


(Remark: Please follow the instructions in the PowerPoint file to download the sample BIM model (.slpk) in Module 2C.)


Self-Learner should expect to spend around 2 to 3 hours to complete the training. Below is a sample learning sequence:

Module 1: Introduction → Module 2A: BIM Viewer Software - Trimble Connect → Module 3: Workflow and Project Information Standards

→ BIM Viewer Exam (Trimble Connect)

Self Photos / Files - How to use the Teaching and Learning Kit (update20220718)


Online Quiz and BIM Viewer Certificate

After completing the training through self-learning or taught course, practitioners could participate in a CIC online BIM Viewer Quiz and able to obtain a BIM Viewer Certificate.


The online quiz consists of 20 questions to test the ability and knowledge of BIM viewing and commenting skills of practitioners. If practitioners successfully obtain a minimum score of 60% (12 out of 20 questions), a BIM Viewer Certificate will be issued and sent directly to their email addresses registered for the quiz.


The link to the quiz can be found below:

BIM Viewer Quiz (IFC Compatible Software)


BIM Viewer Quiz (Trimble Connect)


BIM Viewer Quiz (Navisworks Freedom)


BIM Viewer Quiz (ArcGIS Online)


BIM Viewer Quiz (Autodesk BIM Viewer)



Remark: It is suggested that completion of the online BIM Viewer Quiz counts for 1 CPD hour.

Self-learning vs Instructor-led

The Kit is intended for both self-learning and instructor-led training. While the target learning outcome and the content of the online quiz will be the same, trainers are encouraged to tailor the training materials based on the needs of the organisation or project. Trainers can select other BIM viewer software for the instructor-led training to match the software used in the project or organisation.


If you have developed any teaching material and test for other BIM viewers and are willing to share it with the industry, please contact us at bimtraining@cic.hk, and we will consider incorporating it into the online quiz.


Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF) - BIM Viewer Collaborative Training

Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF) - BIM Viewer Collaborative Training

Eligible applicant may apply for the Construction Innovation Technology Fund (CITF) for the BIM Viewer Collaborative Training. Details is available on the CITF website (link for more detail below).


  • Levy-paying Contractors
  • Registered Specialist Trade Contractors and Registered Subcontractors
  • Consultants


Key Features
  • Maximum Funding Ceiling: HK$1,500,000 for each applicant
  • Funding Mode: 70% matching fund for costs involved
  • Funding Ceiling: HK$8,000  per session per class for trainer and class administration
  • Funding Ceiling: HK$5,000 per session per class for rental of external training venue
  • Qualified trainers shall have completed CIC Accredited BIM Manager/ BIM Coordinator courses or CIC-certfied Manager/ BIM Coordinator

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For any enquiries, please contact bimtraining@cic.hk.



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1. The CIC maintains a software-neutral stance in supporting the industry for BIM adoption. The BIM viewer software/platform used in the Kit served as examples for learners. 

2. The CIC invites all software vendors to share training materials for their free BIM Viewer software with the industry. 
Other organisations are also welcome to develop their own BIM viewer training based on other software/platforms and contribute to the CIC for sharing.

3. Please email bimtraining@cic.hk for more details.



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