Real Practice of Adopting BIM with Integrated Project Delivery

Kerry Properties Limited (KPL) has been adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) since 2006, resulting from the benefits of BIM Usage such as reducing rework, better predictability, reducing errors, etc. From the past BIM project experiences, it was found that the core value was not grounded to the working team or to the project directly due to the fragmental execution process to treat the information and model, so Kerry's Project Management Team has an intention to take this project as a pioneer to experiment of implementing BIM process entirely cross along the project life-cycle of this property development.


"The objective is to integrate the objectives and responsibilities of all stakeholders across the entire BIM spectrum in order to bringing out the true potential in application of BIM." said Executive Director – Mr. Wilkie Lee from the Project Management Department of Kerry Properties (H.K.) Limited.


When it comes to transforming the process to break through the traditional workflow such as implementing BIM, resource investment is inevitable whether government or developers as the top of supply chain.


(Directed from Autodesk Hong Kong BIM Awards 2019: