Frequently Asked Questions for Registration as CCBC(A)

1. What is the scope of the multiple-choice questions examination for CCBC(A) to apply for CCBC?

It will mainly focus on the BIM standards and uses, with an aim to encourage the CCBC(A) to do revision on relevant topics.

2. Can I apply CCBC before the end of the two years’ supervision period? If yes, do I need to submit application and attend interview?

Yes. After being registered as CCBC(A), you may apply for CCBC certification via normal/adept route at any time.  Applications can be submitted online in CIC BIM Portal. You will be removed from the CCBC(A) register after you obtain the CCBC status. 

3. What if I cannot find any BIM Mentor in my company?

Normally, the BIM Mentor should be a CCBM or CCBC of the same company as the CCBC(A). If you have any difficulties in finding the BIM Mentor, you may contact the BIMCAS Secretariat for help. 

4. Do I need to have the same BIM Mentor for the whole supervision period? What if I change job?

No. The CCBC(A) should complete and submit every 6 months (or shorter if he/she changes job) the Training Logbook to his/her BIM Mentor for review, endorsement and signature.  If there is a change of BIM Mentor, the CCBC(A) needs to inform CIC asap.

5. Do I need to send my logbook when I submit application for CCBC(A)?

There is no need to submit the logbook during CCBC(A) application.  After successfully registered as a CCBC(A), he/she should complete and submit the logbook every 6 months (or shorter if he/she changes job) to his/her BIM Mentor for review, endorsement and signature. The completed logbook should be submitted to bimcas@cic.hk