CD Webinar on 4D Automation with Construction Expert AI

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29 Nov 2023 (Wed)



15:00 - 16:00









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Construction Digitalisation Webinar aims at promoting the latest construction digitalisation-related information to stakeholders. Every time, we have a different theme to introduce stakeholders about the latest information or solutions in a particular area. We are glad to have the participation of Kalloc Studios Asia Limited to introduce their solution.



Content of the webinar (information provided by vendor):

This webinar will share how Construction Expert AI streamlines the digital construction workflow and boosts productivity to reduce construction cost. Fuzor Construction Expert AI is a groundbreaking force in the construction industry, transforming the 4D workflow by seamlessly replacing the once laborious and manual task of linking 3D models to schedules. With Expert AI System, all projects are effortlessly and intelligently managed in mere seconds, delivering a remarkable time and effort reduction, from days to mere seconds. Fuzor 4D Automation streamlines schedule validation, making it a breeze and leading to a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. Construction experts infuse their knowledge and experience into Fuzor AI, cultivating a 4D knowledge database that enables the automatic creation of 4D sequences for all projects with a single click. 



Ms. Grace WONG, VDC Specialist - Kalloc Studios Asia Limited 


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Remarks: An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to participants with over 80% attendance within one month after the live webinar. Any attendance on replay sessions after webinar will not be considered for CPD attendance certificate.


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