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CIC BIM Standards-related Publications (new / updates in 2021)
As at December 2021, the full suite of CIC BIM Standards is as follows: (i) CIC BIM Standards – General (August 2019); (Version 2 - December 2020) and (Version 2.1 - 2021); (ii) CIC BIM Standards for Architecture and Structural Engineering (Version 2 - December 2020); and (Version 2.1 - 2021); (iii) CIC BIM Standards for Underground Utilities (August 2019); and (Version 2 - 2021); (iv) CIC BIM Standards for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (August 2019); and (Version 2 - 2021); (v) CIC BIM Standards for Preparation of Statutory Plan Submissions (December 2020); (vi) CIC Production of BIM Objects Guide – General Requirements (August 2019); and (Version 2 - 2021); (vii) CIC BIM Dictionary (December 2020); and (2021); (viii) CIC BIM Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) Template (December 2020); and (Version 1.1 - 2021); (ix) CIC BIM Special Conditions of Contract (September 2021); (x) CIC BIM Services Agreements (September 2021); and (xi) CIC BIM Guide for using BIM in generation of MEP digital drawings for statutory submissions (2021).
LandsD_BIM Data Management
LandsD – Spatial Data – BIM Data Management – Government BIM Data Repository
Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint has laid down the direction on the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in supporting the development of Smart Cities. The Development Bureau has also stipulated guidelines for the mandatory BIM uses for certain applications in public works projects with a view to enhancing the overall productivity of the construction industry. In order to further foster BIM adoption in Hong Kong, Lands Department has taken up the following initiatives to support the adoption of BIM in related projects of Government Bureaus and Departments (B/Ds):- Establishing and maintaining the Government BIM Data Repository (a data sharing platform) for all BIM data collected from works departments; Spearheading the development of BIM/GIS integration to support government applications; and Collaborating with different B/Ds and Construction Industry Council in enabling the use of BIM technology in compliance checking of electronic building plans. There are videos of "Government BIM Data Repository - Shareable BIM and Common Data Standards"